History / Evolution


The first Romanian plant focused on non-ferrous metals was commissioned, under the name of FAROLA – Romanian Factory for Rolling and Drawing Metals, with Austrian ownership.

LAROMET - Sediu vechi


LAROMET is a high performance leading provider of Copper technological solutions and Copper alloys semi-finished products in Romania, founded in 1937.
LAROMET products are based on technologies of continuous, centrifugal and vertical casting, extrusion, drawing and forging.

LAROMET - Sediul vechi - cuptorul de tratament


The company is turned into a joint stock company, under the name LAROMET S.A., the main shareholder being the Romanian state.


1998 – 2008

The company is privatized and the main shareholder of the company becomes TRIP MATERIALS Inc. headquartered in Switzerland. 1998-2008 The company was subject to an extensive program of auditing, restructuring and modernization. Starting in 2008, LAROMET built and put into operation a new and modern facility for bars, profiles, wires, tubes and forged parts, in Brasov city, Romania.


In 2013 LAROMET started to operate a new casting facility, near Bucharest. In this plant LAROMET is able to produce Copper and Copper alloys bars and tubes using vertical and horizontal continuous casting and centrifugal casting technologies, as well as die casting in ingots.